Find New Friends. Discover Yourself.

Harbor is Finally Here!

Fight back your loneliness problem.

Take back control of your social life.

Remove the awkwardness of modern-day introductions

Find and build study groups

Find a dining hall crew for every meal

Here's how we can help...

Harbor is just a tool designed to connect people on the basis of what brings friend groups together - similarities you might not have known about each other otherwise. Simply swipe through a stack of interest or event cards each day, and we'll sort through your choices to place you into small compatible groups. No boring profile building, and absolutely no corporate ads that waste your time. Create your own cards to propose more unique card options to fellow students, or recruit for an event on/off your campus.

Our goal is to be a different kind of tool, where the incentive is to find you great friend groups as expeditiously as possible (and not suck away your time).


the free application, as soon as it becomes available. An '' is required, as this is currently exclusive to RPI students. In your inbox, you'll receive a verification code to enter into the app. Once inside the app, enter the code to gain full access to the app. Account credentials are protected with bcrypt encryption (and, your full names & emails will NEVER be displayed to other users).

2. Start Swiping...

through your deck on the Discover Page with a series of left and right swipes. New interest cards are displayed every day, so your bio updates dynamically as you swipe through the interest cards you come across in your stack. Everyone gets a similar stack of cards every day.

3. Expand your Friend Circle...

soon after swiping through your first deck. Harbor matches you with other students based on the cards you swiped on (a.k.a people who dig what you dig).