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App Status:

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Crash Course

Estimated read time: 4-5 minutes. If you have any more questions about our app you can fill out the contact form below, or email if you have an urgent issue.

Who are you guys?

We're Dan and Esau! 2 RPI undergrads currently located in Troy, NY. We both experienced a lot of the same problems our fellow students faced here at RPI, and were sick that no solutions were easily available for people like us to find other people like us. We see ourselves as users of this platform just as much as you, and who knows, we'll probably meet you in a group at some point!
Also, the Delaware LLC is a result of us needing to meet certain criteria to upload to the Appstores.

When can I use the app?

Our is officially released for all RPI students on the Android and iOS AppStores. If you signed up to our waitlist we'll send a followup when you sign up through the app :)

Does This Cost Me $$$ To Download?

Nope. 100% free to download and all features currently will come standard.

The Stack is your Oyster.

We wanted to make something that you can download and use within 1 minute, but something that also builds yourself a unique enough profile to be actually useful. We pick a small snippet of interests from our huge database everyday and via just your yes/no swipes, your profile over time will be used to match you with other users who are unique just like you. You can also create your own cards and add them to our database if you think something might be missing from it.

So do I have to make a bio / profile for this app?

Say your farewells to long hours spent trying to think up slick bios, or going through endless questionnaires to build your special {insert app name here} profile. Your Harbor bio gets created organically via the cards you swipe yes or no on. Sure, there's a little space for you to write your own bio for other users that click on your profile, but it's optional and won't really affect how you get matched with others. We found this speeds up the process, and results in less time on your phone.

How to Use:

Swipe right on the things that you like or agree with, and swipe left on the things that you dislike or are unsure of. This will allow us to make the best group-matches for you and the other students on the platform. Updates and features will be added regularly, but if you run into problems using the app or have any suggestions for improvements, please join our discord and let us know there.