Harbor Privacy Statement

Effective: 9/19/2019

Hello! Keeping your information secure and confidential is our priority. This statement applies to our website, (Harbor Apps, LLC , “Harbor”) and talks about the type of information you give us and what we do with it for our application. In light of recent events, it's clear that users' right to privacy is often not the primary concern in conventional social media companies. These companies in question make money on selling ads and/or your information. That is not our model, so Harbor does not sell any of the information you provide us to anyone. Additionally, profile pictures (aside from avatars) are not a feature on our app, nor is displaying your last name or email to other users. That way, it becomes much more difficult for other users to tie your account specifically back to you even through regular use on our platform, if that's how you wanted to operate on the app. If you have any other questions about your information, don't hesitate to contact us through email ( or ask us directly in our discord server.

1. So, What Information Do We Collect?

a. The Information You Give Us

When you sign up, we ask for your email address and ask for you to make a username. We may occasionally ask users to complete optional anonymous surveys about our app. When you make your account, you’ll make a bio. Just like in other apps with bio sections, that information is provided to fellow users you come across, as well as us. We use reasonable means to protect your information, and your account credentials are guarded with end-to-end 512-bit encryption. When and if you chat with other users, that text is provided to fellow users that are in those specific group chats. After a set period of time (1-2 weeks), those group chats may become inactive and are no longer viewable by you or the participants in that particular group chat.

2. What Do We Do With This Information?

a. We do not sell, rent, or lease our user lists to third parties.

We’re not giving your information out to AD networks, social networks, or data resellers. We do need to provide SendGrid with just your email in order to send out confirmation emails for signing up. This process is subject to the policies of SendGrid / Twilio. We do not claim rights to images or other similar content shared by its users on the platform.

b. We use the information we get to make the app better.

The data we collect comes in aggregates (how many users are on the system, how many groups are formed over X period of time, how many users like ‘Mechanical Engineering’, etc.). This helps us rework the app to make it more efficient, and useful.

c. Address Public Safety Concerns, if necessary and/or required by law

Obviously, if someone on our system is making horrendous threats to them self, other users on the system, Harbor, or the public at large, we’ll try our best to align with the edicts of the law and protect the safety of our users.

3. Parting Ways with Harbor

a. Opting Out and Unsubscribing

You can unsubscribe from our emails by clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button in them. You can delete your account in the application settings tab. Alternatively, you can also email with the reason for account deletion and we’ll remove the account.

b. Or, Getting Terminated!

Yes, we reserve the right to immediately suspend your access to our app if you are in violation of our Terms of Use agreement.

Updates and Contact Info:

Check back here for updates to this policy. Email with any questions or issues, or visit our reddit at
Thanks for reading!
~Harbor Team